We rotate between Whole Foods and a few other grocery stores for this very reason. The (basic) produce at ours is about the same as the other grocery but is much better quality and selection. As long as you know to avoid the high cost, specialty items, you can get as good or better quality items from their store brand… » 6/15/14 1:59pm 6/15/14 1:59pm

When using #5, you might try changing it up drastically so the other person responds, to get the conversation train going. I usually make it simple and super easy/fast to respond to. This might mean removing any reference to the initial task you talked to them about. Once an email has been replied to, you can then say… » 5/01/14 10:30am 5/01/14 10:30am

Mixing It Up! Edward Callow Taking Over as Supreme Commander

Last week marked one year since I took 'ownership' of the newly minted Hackerspace blog. While technically designated 'owner,' that title truly belongs to the LH commenters that frequent the site and make it what it is. It has been a fun year filled with many fun articles, open threads, projects, and conversations.… » 5/01/14 12:17pm 5/01/14 12:17pm